Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition teams up with CME to study skills requirements in manufacturing sector

Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition (CSTEC) has launched an initiative to produce Labour Market Information (LMI) that will help the manufacturing sector develop strategies to address skills, training and human resources planning issues.  A similar initiative has been launched by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).  The two initiatives will collaborate in a joint project to produce effective, detailed, and regionally based LMI for the manufacturing sector across Canada.

The project will focus on the availability of skilled tradespersons with suitable technology training, and on the availability of technicians and technologists with appropriate industry specific training.  By identifying   gaps in regional labour markets, the project will provide a framework for pro-active human resource planning.

To ensure the study is producing information detailed enough and useful for employers, regional committees will be created in key manufacturing centres.  The committees will not only provide feedback and detailed information useful in ensuring high quality LMI, they will provide a forum for employers in the manufacturing sector to discuss potential solutions to any skills shortages that might be identified.

CSTEC is an enabler of innovative, multi-stakeholder solutions to training related problems faced by employers and unions within the broader manufacturing, mining and forestry sectors. The organization focuses on a broad range of training issues related to workplace and essential skills training, apprenticeship and technical training, needs assessments, occupational standards, labour market information, labour adjustment and career enhancement for young people and the unemployed.

The project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Initiatives Program.