CTSEC has just completed another round of research and produced updated LMI for the manufacturing sector in Canada. This report provides an analysis of the labour needs of the manufacturing industry in Canada for the next 5 and 10 years. It develops a baseline projection of the labour requirements of Canadian manufacturing by occupation. The analysis covers the top 15 manufacturing regions across Canada and the main manufacturing sectors in these regions. This is the most comprehensive labour market study at this level of detail (i.e., regional, sectoral, and occupational).

In partnership with CME, the Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition (CSTEC) will be undertaking a project that aims to develop national occupational standards for production workers in the manufacturing sector. CSTEC has considerable experience and expertise to achieve the following:

Skills Training Program: Partnered with 20 colleges/cegeps in steelmaking communities across Canada  for the purpose of developing Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses for college-level credits. The partnership was developed for employed workers in the steelmaking communities. 

Sector Study Updates: Comprehensive diagnosis of the short and long-term human resource issues and challenges facing the steel industry, as well as provide a basis for developing a human resource strategy and action plan not just for basic steel, but for the broader industry which includes fabricators and service centres.