Occupational Standards

In partnership with CME, the Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition (CSTEC) will be undertaking a project that aims to develop national occupational standards for production workers in the manufacturing sector. CSTEC has considerable experience and expertise to achieve the following:

  • Successfully develop a new suite of National Occupational Standards for shop floor positions that are not currently part of a certified skilled trade (i.e. Material handlers, assemblers, and machine operators.)
  • Assist in the development of indicators that provide a pathway for shop floor workers to ladder into supervisory/managerial positions or into higher level production classifications,
  • Successfully develop assessment and certification tools and processes by working together with colleges
  • Successfully work with stakeholders to ensure these standards are nationally validated and certified by employers/industry and labour
  • Successfully piloting the project by recruiting and assessing candidates.

This partnership with CME will offer unparalleled resources with the necessary expertise and experience to develop and deliver all aspects of this project.