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The Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition

CSTEC is an enabler of innovative, multi-stakeholder solutions to training related problems faced by employers and unions within the broader manufacturing, mining and forestry sectors. The organization focuses on a broad range of training issues related to workplace and essential skills training, apprenticeship and technical training, needs assessments, occupational standards, labour market information, labour adjustment and career enhancement for young people and the unemployed.

CSTEC promotes joint consultation and understanding between industry and labour, on non-collective bargaining issues. The organization successfully works in union and non-union workplaces, and has assisted employers and unions in setting up joint workplace training committees and adjustment committees.

The organization has coordinators who have established supportive working relationships with employers and educational institutions and are experienced in encouraging and fostering joint labor/management training committees. CSTEC is headquartered in Toronto, but also maintains regional coordinators in Hamilton, Sault Ste. Marie, and Regina.

History of CSTEC

CSTEC was originally founded 28 years ago as a joint venture between the Canadian Steel Industry and the Steelworkers Union. The venture carried out a slightly different mandate, bringing together employers, labour, government and educational institutions to address a range of issues important to the steel industry including: international trade, labour adjustment, increasing the number of skilled tradespersons and technicians available to work in the steel industry, increasing/improving essential skills training, and the collection and dissemination of labour market information.